Winky D

Winky D vs Jah Prayzah

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WHAT a way to celebrate turning 35 years old!

With a discography that boasts of five successful albums, launching his sixth on his birthday at the home of international shows, Harare International Conference Center (HICC), all roads lead to Winky Da��s bash.

But how did it get to such a big do?

Late last year Winky D, born Wallace Chirumiko, announced that he would no longer release the album Gombwe as promised and that didna��t go well with the public that felt disappointed. As such, Winky Da��s management resolved to launch the album on his birthday, 2 February.

Some critics felt Winky D tactically chose not to cramp Jah Prayzaha��s style last year when he was riding on the crest of Kutonga Kwaro.

If so was he wrong?

Perhaps the a�?extra terrestriala�? alias a�?Ninja Presidenta�? was supposed to checkmate Jah Prayzah and finish the game and drop the album last year.

Jah Prayzah, who is currently away in Spain cementing his career and empire with a collaboration with Jamaicaa��s Jah Cure for a song which will be released on Valentinea��s Day, is not on the list of performers.

Instead his prototype Andy Muridzo whom he signed under his Military Touch Movement will cover Jah Prayzaha��s performance slot.

Jah Prayzah has always been an Afrocentric collaboration man, his ambitious Jah Cure collaboration is one way or the other soon after its release going to be criticised versus Winky Da��s My Woman single featuring Beenie Man as they all will be having that a�?Jamaicana�? flair.

Time waits for no man and this is exactly what Jah Prayzah has been doing.

To the Ninja fans the time has arrived for Winky D to fulfil the inevitable promise he made and the fans attending the glamorous event tonight will be the first to hear and critique the 12 track offering produced by Winkya��s partner in hit-making DJ Oskid.

As he always reveals he is obsessed with performing in the City of Kings and Queens, the Gaffer will date his Bulawayo fans tomorrow at the National University of Science and Technology (Nust) in a Gombwe Invasion and Semester Welcome bash.

Winky Da��s manager Jonathan Banda said everything was ready for the show. He also revealed Winky would arrive in Bulawayo on Saturday in the afternoon hence fans should expect a solid album.

a�?We have worked so hard in the production of the Gombwe album and it is mature, fans should expect the best songs ever from Winky D. He will re-unite with his Bulawayo fans and celebrate a delayed birthday party,a�? said Banda.

The horses on the race have bolted with Jah Prayzah already on the front line, can Winky D overtake the stallion? torsemide buy cialis femenino. . vipps.