Wild students a�?graduatea�� behind bars

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LAST week social media was flooded with graduation pictures of graduates from different institutions as they celebrated their success and displayed their joy.

However, there are three Hwange men who graduated in absentia after their excitement cost them as they spent the day in the cells at a time they were supposed to be capped.

The trio, namely Tapiwa Chakarupa, Adrian Sibanda and Claudious Mutanga from Baobab suburb in Hwange reportedly misbehaved in the bus after having one too many beers.

The three men were supposed to graduate at Bulawayo Polytechnic last Friday, but it never happened as they were behind bars on charges of public disorderliness.

A police source confirmed the incident saying the trio missed their graduation and they were released later in the day after paying a fine.

A source who had also boarded the Bulawayo bound Extra City bus from Hwange revealed that they had a torrid time in the bus as the three men were making noise and fighting other passengers.

a�?The three students started drinking beer when we were still at the bus rank and when they were drunk they were making noise fighting some passengers.

a�?All the way they boasted of their graduation and claimed they were having a road party, dancing all the way.

a�?Unfortunately one of them took their naughtiness to unacceptable level as he moved to a certain couple and molested the woman.

a�?He then had a misunderstanding with the womana��s husband and his friend joined him in threatening to beat the man. There was chaos in the bus until we got to Bulawayo around 4am and the bus crew was forced to call police who then arrested them,a�? said the source.

The police source said the students were each fined $20. slimex online. purchasing inderal. buy medicine online help affording to buy viagria. .

  • zim1

    What a nuisance they were. I understand drinking on the road travelling is an offence. The bus crew should have handed them over to the police to the nearest police stn on the road. The fine appears light considering them being a public nuisance and indicent assault to the woman