IStreem Technologies Crew displaying their iBox Wifi decoder.

WiFi decoders a hit

Nkosilathi Sibanda
A NEW television decoder that uses WiFi technology to access over 5 000 channels has hit the market in Bulawayo and is set to give competitors trading in traditional decoders a run for their money.

This is a first of its kind locally and is set to shake up the industry as most people are fast adapting to new information communication technology.

The introduction of the decoder comes at a time when the country is on course to switch on to digitalisation in the film and television industry in the country.

Owing to the advancement of technology, the way people view television will never be the same with the advent of this new a�?babya�? in the entertainment industry.

Presented by a group of young entrepreneurs under the IStream Technologies company banner, the decoder, known as the iBox, connects one to an array of television networks that are not easily accessible on traditional satellite decoders.

In an interview, IStream Technologies spokesman Bongani Mguni said the new WiFi decoder is affordable and is compatible with smart TVs and devices that operate on android.

Mguni says local satellite television consumers will soon ditch their satellite dishes and migrate to the 21st Century.

a�?We are introducing first of its kind in the way people watch television in Zimbabwe. This is the iBox decoder that uses WiFi or data connection for viewing of television channels. What you only need is a stable access to WiFi connectivity or best still, a dependable data stream on onea��s phone can do.

a�?With this technology money is saved. It costs only a $100. On connection, over 5 000 channels can be viewed and there is no monthly service charge,a�? said Mguni.

According to Mguni, the decoders sold like hot cakes during the Fifa World Cup.

The young entrepreneur said the new decoder will also work for businesses that want to save money and maximise on the vast information gateway that it offers.

a�?Businesses have to own such technologies in their offices. Even schools and developmental organisations are presented with an opportunity to get closer to the information and entertainment gateway. It is high time people get accustomed to latest technologies.

a�?It might sound far-fetched but why must we in Africa remain behind in this fast-paced digital world? In the first world these WiFi decoders are not news anymore because they long opened sources to digital television. Using the latest technology is beneficial in building well informed communities as well.a�?

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