Wife pummels ‘weak’ inyanga boyfriend

Gibson Mhaka 

BHULA Sangoma!

He’s held in high esteem for his gift of being able to connect with ancestors and of possessing powerful spells and magic charms that can cure all kinds of ailments.

But for Sangoma Venene Ndhlovu from Mpopoma suburb in Bulawayo who operates from Mkambo market in Makokoba, his mystical powers cannot divinely protect him from his wife Tshino Ndlovu’s violent abuse.

He tearfully claimed his wife’s behaviour was destructive, troublesome and she had been threatening his life.

Surprisingly and instead of seeking protection from his ancestors against his wife’s regular beatings, Venene last week rushed to the courts to file a domestic abuse complaint against his wife.

In his testimony, Venene said his wife had turned him into a punching bag adding that she constantly beats him up with different objects like a spear, knobkerrie and an axe.

“I am married to Tshino Ndlovu and we have seven children together. We are living together but sleep in separate bedrooms. I am now a pensioner and when I retired she collected my entire pension package and went to South Africa.

“She came back after eight years and when she was in South Africa she was not constantly communicating with me. When I used to call her, on her mobile phone it was being answered by another man who was always telling me not to call her again,” said Venene.

He insisted that his wife was a fighter who takes delight in beating him up and would descend on him anytime they had any disagreement.

“From the time she came back, she started being violent towards me. She is always beating me up with dangerous objects like spears, knobkerries or even an axe.

“I am an inyanga operating from Mkambo market in Makokoba and she is always coming to my workplace and fights with me in front of clients and colleagues. I am now losing a lot of clients because of her violent conduct and want a protection order so that she stops beating me up or coming to my workplace”.

Tshino who supposedly feared the humiliation of a trial didn’t come to court to defend herself leading presiding magistrate Nyaradzo Ringisai to grant an order in her absence.

She ordered her not to verbally, physically, emotionally harass or threaten her husband and not to visit his stand at Mkambo market.


  • New Guy

    Many men are being abused too. They fear being mocked for it so they suffer in silence.