Josephine Jasi Gwavava

Wife brings boyfriends home as ‘cousins’

Gibson Mhaka
IN an act of unbridled betrayal, a cheating woman allegedly invited her boyfriends to her home where she was reportedly introducing them to her unsuspecting husband as cousins.

The heartbroken man, Tonderayi Ndawi, said out of shame his wife Josephine Jasi Gwavava (pictured above) deserted their matrimonial home after he discovered that she had been cheating on him with a string of men she introduced to him as her relatives.

As if the cheating on her husband was not enough, Gwavava reportedly stole his money before sending him threatening messages saying she was going to “fix” him.

While most men beat the daylights out of their cheating partners or do even worse things to them, Ndawi said he summoned his strength and decided to live with his wife.

He labelled Gwavava a “gold –digger” saying she was only after his money.

He further said that during the subsistence of their marriage she also lied to him that she was visiting her sisters yet she would be going out with her boyfriends.

“When my relatives and neighbours initially told me that my wife was cheating on me I thought they were jealous of us until the day I caught her in our bedroom with a man she had introduced to me as her cousin.

“I later discovered that all the men she had been introducing to me as her cousins were infact her boyfriends. She was also in the habit of lying to me that she is visiting her sisters yet she would be going to her boyfriends.

“It’s unfortunate that when I met her I didn’t know that she would do that to me. Just imagine we started dating in 2012 and moved in together in August last year after some of my relatives complemented her saying she would make a good wife. To tell you the truth Josephine really betrayed me. This is despite all the comfort and love I was giving her,” bemoaned Ndawi.

When reached for comment Gwavava who is now based in Harare dismissed Ndawi’s cheating accusations saying she deserted him over his abusive behaviour.

“He is lying against me that I was cheating on him. The reason why I deserted him is that he was physically and verbally abusing me. He was also insulting my mother and brothers.

“He once suspected that I was cheating on him when my ex-boyfriend phoned me. I didn’t steal his money as he is alleging and I am surprised why he is going around saying I stole his money,” she said.