Wife assaulted for interrupting Goda��s a�?timea��

Gibson Mhaka
A Bulawayo man beat up his wife for seducing him while he was trying to get close to the Lord a�� reading the Bible.

Clement Ndlovu (55) dimmed the lights in his bedroom to read the holy book but his wife Consilia Ndlovu (51) who had other ideas a�� lovingly threw herself on top of him while allegedly forcing him to join her in bed.

Clementa��s story of a�?punishinga�? his wife for troubling him while seeking wisdom from the scriptures came out at the Bulawayo Civil Court where Consillia was seeking a protection order against him claiming he was verbally and physically abusing her.

a�?I am married to Clement Ndlovu under Chapter 37 and it still subsists. Clement is a violent husband and has beaten me on several occasions, the latest being on 26 July after a misunderstanding at our home.

a�?Whenever we are discussing family issues he resorts to violence. The other day he was reading the Bible and I asked him to switch off the lights and he refused before he turned violent. He then armed himself with a knobkerrie and assaulted me. As if that is not enough he (Clement) does not sleep at home or financially support the family. I want this honourable court to protect me from his abusive behaviour,a�? said Consilia.

Apparently, in a bid to court the presiding magistrate Evylene Mashavakurea��s mercy, she produced the knobkerrie which she claimed her husband used to allegedly assault her with. However, her seemingly shocked husband disputed her claims.

a�?On the day she claims I assaulted her with a knobkerrie what happened is that I was reading the Bible and she deliberately threw herself on me while forcing me to join her in bed. This subsequently angered me and when I took the knobkerrie, my intention was not to assault her with it but I just used it to scare her away so that she stops disturbing me from reading the Bible,a�? he said.

In her judgment the magistrate, however, ordered Clement not to verbally and physically abuse his wife before she referred the two parties for counselling. how to get a bottle of viagra.