Why do teens have sex early?

WHEN I was growing up sex was a taboo subject but with the passage of time it has become an fashionable with youths and teenagers.
It has become a subject of discussion among youths and some have gone a step further thanA� just discussing it as they experiment with it.

Stories of teenagers and youths being involved in group sex and engaging in sex after holding house parties have become common.

Believe it or not most of teenagers who talked to Upbeat said they cannot do without sex. One may ask what drives them to engage in sex.

Nothando Moyo attributed the desire to engage in sex early to hormones.
a�?Some let hormones over-rule them, and they fall prey to sexual predators at an early age. They do what the body drives them to do,a�? she said.

She added: a�?Some follow what their friends do and due to that they engage in sexual activity. Some are pressured into it. Besides that someA� get involved in sex so as to please their friends and to prove that bayizikhokho (cool) .a�?

Abigail concurred and said: a�?I had a friend who was a virgin but most of her friends had indulged in sex and due to that she was hoodwinked into sex as she felt she was backward.

But for some of the girls it would be just out of curiosity. They just want to test how it is like to have sex though at an early age.a�?

Nombulelo believes some indulge due to peer pressure.
a�?Some are pressured into sex by their peers and they indulge out of that,a�? she said
Nombulelo also said young teens engage in sex due to infatuation.

She added: a�?Some engage in sex so as to please their boyfriend or a boy because they think they are in love or they are infatuated. But on the other hand it is hanging out with the wrong crowd and growing to be under the influence of it. Birds of the same feather flock together,a�? she said.

Pretty Moyo believes having sex at an early age, especially the girl child, would be sexually abused.

a�?Some teens fall into sex at an early age due to poor background and they indulge in sexual activity out of desperation. Some want free rides and lunch to and from town,a�? she said
Nqobani said some of his peers engage in sex at an early age because it is boring to masturbate. a�?Masturbation is boring so I engage in sex because I do not want to masturbate.

But to engage in practical sex is more interesting and fulfilling,a�? he said.

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