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Why Bomber wants Chisora fight

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ZIMBABWE heavyweight champion Elvis a�?Bombera�? Moyo has revealed that the verve to fight UK-based former Commonwealth champion Dereck Chisora is purely driven by business, not any personal vendetta.

Moyo believes fighting Chisora will open more avenues for him.

a�?My journey into Europe is guarded by opportunities, and those that have come my way also seem to crumble.

a�?First I was supposed to fight Adam Machaj in England and for some reasons he pulled out of the fight three weeks before the fight.

a�?After that it became difficult for me to get any invitation. In March we had managed to secure another fight and everything was in place but again the fight was called off after they pulled out,a�? he said.

a�?If you have a Zimbabwean passport, and a Zimbabwean bank account, things get a little bit harder because for some reasons we do not have the credibility,a�? he continued.

a�?It is a bit hard but at the moment I am meeting people so that I can get connections and I remain hopeful that things will work out. In the meantime, I believe he is the closest target I have to a big fight, if persuaded nicely and ends up facing his fears and accepting my challenge,a�? said Moyo.

He itches to fight with Chisora so that he also gets exposure like him as he believes hea��s always under his shadow.

a�?Whenever heavyweight boxing or Zimbabwe boxing is mentioned, Derricka��s name comes up. I believe he is in my way and I am constantly in his shadow.

a�?He is fighting in the UK because of the monies he has earned and the opportunities he has gotten there.

a�?Until I smash him around, only then will Zimbabwe heavy weight boxing be mentioned in the same breath with other fighters in the world,a�? said the 34-year-old boxer.