Who’s your daddy?

Sukulwenkosi Dube-Matutu
A confession by an alleged sleep around ex wife has forced a Plumtree man to question the paternity of his children aged four and one year before paying maintenance.

Khumbulani Ncube was married to Tildah Leta for five years and after their separation he received a message in which Leta bragged about having sex with a lot of men during their marriage.

This was revealed in court where Ncube demanded a paternity test.

“In November my ex-wife sent a WhatsApp message saying our two children were not my biological children. She said she didn’t have a diary to log in the number of men she had slept with during our marriage.

“She said of the four or five of them which she recalls, one of them is the father of our children. I was willing to pay maintenance for the children until I discovered this. I now doubt whether these children are mine,” he said.

He argued that it would be unfair for him to support the children if they were not his. Because of that, he was only prepared to maintain them if the test results came out positive.

In her response Leta admitted to have sent the WhatsApp message but pointed out that she had done it under frustration.

“I agree that I sent the stated messages but it was because I was frustrated as he was questioning me on the paternity of the two children. I only told him that our youngest child is his but our eldest isn’t,” said Leta.

Plumtree magistrate, Taurai Manwere granted Ncube’s application for a paternity test to be conducted on the two children.

He also granted Leta full custody of the two minor children while awaiting DNA test results.

He further ordered Ncube to pay a maintenance fee of $50 per child pending results.

Ncube and Leta also submitted an application to share their property and Leta volunteered to only take a gas stove, gas tank and an explorer decoder as her sole property and surrendered the remaining property to her ex-husband.

The pair got married customarily in 2012 and separated in November last year. They have two children, Lwandile and Busiswa who are registered under Ncube’s name.