Who owns the US$3.5 million Bugatti Chiron?

Raymond Jaravaza
THE closest a majority of Zimbabweans, if not Africans, (no pun intended) can ever come to seeing a Bugatti is watching sports car show a�� Top Gear.

For rap music fanatics, super rich stars Lil Wayne and Chris Brown give glimpses of what it feels like to ride in a Bugatti Chiron, in music videos but again in most cases, they would have hired the slick rides.

Even millionaires are left with a hole in their pockets after a successful visit to a Bugatti Chiron dealership.

A standard Bugatti Chiron costs an arm and a leg, in monetary terms it will leave your bank balance minus $3 million before duty if one is to import it into Zimbabwe.

The latest version, unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, the Bugatti Chiron Sport with all its extra goodies has an asking price of $3.672 million.

Social media went berserk last week when a Bugatti Chiron was spotted in Harare with the most commonly asked question being: Who owns the super car?

Inquiries by B-Metro, through a reliable source, at the Central Vehicle RegistryA� (CVR) drew blanks.

a�?When the personalised registration number (786) is entered into our system, it doesna��t reveal details about the identity of the owner. In short nothing about that car is in our database,a�? said the source.

The Bugatti Chiron is a beast.

According to its manufacturer a�� the VW Group a�� it comes with an 8.0-litre engine, it produces 1 500 horsepower and, at top speed, it can drain the Chirona��s 26.4-gallon (99.9 litre) tank in less than 10 minutes.

Bugatti plans to limit the total number of Chirons built, including the new Chiron Sport, to 500 cars. Thus far, 300 have already been sold.

Another super car, a high end Mercedes Benz, with a personalised number plate a�?Motia�� had tongues wagging when pictures started circulating on social media.

Assumptions about the identity of a�?Motia�� bordered on South African based businessman Zunaid Moti.

Moti, chairman of Moti Group, is a flamboyant businessman whose company has interests in mining entities in various African countries including Zimbabwe. lolwest price for super viagra canadian pharmices. lisinopril coupon codes. . . real cialis pills.

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