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Whither to Caps United?

Fungai Muderere
THE Titanic sank but we are stronger than that!

In the words of an unlikely source – at least according to the hierarchy at Caps United – were the sentiments of Makepekepe assistant coach Fungai Kwashi when he encouraged the Green Machine family to stick together against all adversity.

Ita��s been an uphill task for Makepekepe as they try to regain their status as the dominant force in local football after a bad experience in the African Safari.

Naturally, when the going gets tough in Africa, ita��s time for consolation on the local front.

However, life in the local top flight has proven to be a different ball game altogether for the boys in green.

a�?We just need to remain united as we are called Caps United. We are going to come out of this bad patch. We are not under any pressure.

a�?We only have an intrinsic wish to do well because as a club we have a lot to protect. We have to keep on working hard,a�? said Kwashi.

The a�?never say nevera�? motto is now part of the Green Machine.

a�?We have to believe in ourselves and we should never give up. We just need a single win and everything will be fine,a�? added the former Makepekepe player whose charges finally tamed an ugly run of five winless matches after they edged ZPC Kariba 1-0 last weekend.

Before the famous win, the Hardlife Zvirekwi-captained side was smarting from a 3-1 defeat at the hands of red-hot Chicken Inn.

Zimbabwea��s defending league champions are seated deep in relegation zone.

Interestingly, in Zimbabwean football circles there is a joke that goes around that winning the Premier Soccer League is a a�?signa�? that a club is on its way to relegation or total collapse.

And the question is:A� Have the football gods turned against the former Zimbabwe Cup Kings?

Answer: Only time will tell.