WhatsApp message exposes wifea��s a�?affaira�� with pastor

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An unmarried pastor with a local Pentecostal church is being accused by a Bulawayo man of having a sexual relationship with his wife.
Anderson Dube (26), a junior pastor with The AntiochA� Apostolic Church in Zion is accused of going out with Nonsikelelo Moyo (28). The affair came to light when Moyoa��s husband, Thabani Moyo, found a a�?love WhatsAppA� messagea�? on his wifea��s phone.

The message was alleged to have been sent by Dube. However, both the pastor and the woman have denied being in a sexual relationship.

Nonetheless, after seeing the message Thabani confronted his wife who failed to give a satisfactory answer leading to a heated argument. Speaking to B-Metro, the heartbroken husband confirmed the incident.

a�?After seeing the message, I confronted my wife but she denied that the message was directed to her. She said it was a stray message. When I was still questioning her, her phone rang. When I tried to answer it she cried and begged me not to answer her phone. This led me to suspect that the two were in love. Nonsikelelo would lie to me that she was going for prayers while she was going for her sexual adventures with Dube,a�? he said.

He had no kind words for Dube whom he labelled a wolf in a sheepa��s skin.

a�?I confronted Dube about the issue but he denied the allegations and told me to leave his house,a�? he said.

When reached for comment, the pastor denied the allegations saying that Nonsikelelo was justA� a church member.

a�?Nonsikelelo is our church member and when I called her I wanted to ask about the meeting that we as church members were supposed to have on Sunday after our church service. I have never sent her love messages. IA� only send her messages of hope and encouragement. I send these messages to all my church members. You should ask her husband to show you the love message he claims I sent,a�? he said.

Nonsikelelo also denied that she was in love with the man of cloth.

a�?These are lies. I am not in love with our pastor. He prays for us, my husband is just suspicious for nothing,a�? she said.