What dream do you have in your heart?

Wisdom is better than rubies. For all the things one may desire cannot be compared with wisdom. Every person has an uncommon dream.
What dream do you have in your heart? What pushes you to do the things you are doing today? Are you walking in the path of your dream? Joseph understood the path of his dream.

Pit – Potiphera��s house – Prison – Palace. When they throw you into a pit, dona��t quit your dream. PIT just means Prophet in Training. You may find yourself overseeing Potiphera��s house but dona��t boycott your dream.

You need a prison to assess your dream. It takes someonea��s dream to open a door for your dream. Begin by defining the uncommon dream that defines you. What dream are you carrying? Wisdom will guide you to see your dream coming to reality. Many people have died without living their dream. I declare you are going to walk your dream in Jesusa�� name. A person with a dream is a person of purpose. A dream explains your purpose and your purpose explains what your are about to become. Always be positive to your dream. Every dream has its own enemy. Dona��t fear your neighboura��s enemy pursue your dream. Encourage yourself by meditating on your dream. Your dream explains who you are.

When you begin to walk in the path of your dream, press toward your goal. Believe you can achieve your dream and pursue it. It is your dream that carries authority. A person with a dream carries a vision of success. Your dream has nothing to do with your background, history, DNA, personality your dreams speaks of your character towards your destiny. A person with a dream has goals in place.

Goals which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. If you give respect to your dream God will anoint your dream. You can have a dream today but at the same time living a miserable life but remain focused to your dream. Life challenges must not take you away from your dream. You might have entered using a wrong door, but I want to tell you that there is an exit to every entrance. Your dream determines your dignity. It is your dream that gives you your true value and identity.

Never allow the outside information to distort your dream. A boat was created to float on water, but if water gets into the boat, it sinks. You are created to float on circumstances, dona��t permit circumstances to get inside you.

Ita��s your dream that determines the time you went to bed and the time you get up the following morning. People with a dream sleep a little. People with a dream always seek knowledge, counsel, understanding and instructions. Time management is vital for them. What picture do you have in your mind? If you desire to be successful, you need to line the picture in your mind with your dream. Look at people around you, and identify those who carry the same dream like you. Dona��t just hook up with everyone leave Potiphera��s wife out of your calculations. I have come to learn that people dona��t just move together .

There is an important joint which connects them.The dream determines the friends you develop. Friends are more concerned with your past and not your future. Friends always remind you of your past. Value connections. There are two types of people in the world, it takes wisdom to know: (1)People who contain what you want and ( 2)People who want what you contain. Remain focused until your dream comes true. Where there is a dream there is provision.

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