What codeine abuse does to your body

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The chronic use of codeine can lead to the development of hyperalgesia, a syndrome of increased sensitivity to pain.

That is why we find the users or abusers in a state of not even wanting to take a bath as anything that touches them produces pain.

Codeine use is also associated with psychomotor impairment, an overall slowing of a persona��s physical movements and loss of coordination, hence their character of being slow or a�?stickinga�? as they call it when they adopt the zombie like posture.

The abuse of codeine is also known to be associated with suppression of the immune system, as opioid receptors are involved with regulation of immunity.

Too much intake of the codeine makes one prone to illnesses due to the depletion of the essential nutrients that are needed by the body to keep healthy.

Because codeine is an opioid, opioids are combined with acetaminophen, excessive use of these drugs can cause liver damage from acetaminophen toxicity.

Damage to the liver from acetaminophen toxicity is an undeniable risk of taking excessive doses of codeine and it is addictive, causing dependency, also one quickly riches tolerance levels and as such there is a constant increase of doses.

Also as it lowers the immune system one becomes open to illnesses and ignorantly take other opioids to relieve themselves from the sickness further damaging the liver.

Some codeine abusers mix it with alcohol making a risky situation worse, as it further decreases the livera��s ability to process the toxic combination of ethanol and acetaminophen.

Ita��s safe to assume that no one embarks upon codeine abuse with the intention of experiencing painful and serious liver injury, but the risks are quite real.

To those that have just started experimenting the best thing is to stop and find help to break you free from that dependency.

The sooner one seeks help the better as an overload of this substance in your system does not only consume your character but also, your health, your emotions and everything that was good around you.

To those in need of help programs are available that can be designed to meet your needs to recover by a drug prevention and rehabilitation specialist A drug free life is a reality.

-Mthandazo Ndlovu is a drug prevention and rehabilitation specialist. For help and more information contact 00263772399734 or e-mail [email protected]

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