What are pyrethroids

Mthandazo Ndlovu

JUST when we thought the world would not go any crazier on substances, pyrethroids have emerged.

This is one of the most disturbing modes of getting high that is fast emerging within our society.

What are pyrethroids, you ask? Well, these are man-made pesticides found in common bug sprays, the ones that kill bugs. Someone got the bright idea to spray this stuff on marijuana, cigarette tobacco, as well as other things in order to get high. This new breed of drug is called “KD” or “Katie” on the street and the high lasts for about forty-five minutes.

The users appear “kind of like zombies.” They can also appear downright crazy, eating grass or attempting to rip apart their clothing . . . Or they just show up in the mortuary.

There are a whole hosts of side effects that can be expected from taking KD including:

-    respiratory distress,
-    vomiting,
-   muscle spasms,
-    seizures
-    headaches.

Users are also at risk of slipping into a catatonic state or becoming comatose. Some die before the first responders can assist them. You look at what it does to a bug and then you got to think what it’s doing to your brain, and your body and everything else!” KD gives the user a huge rush of adrenaline, then causes the person to crash. They reach for more, entering a very typical and sad cycle of addiction.

The marijuana has its own effect and when you lace up with pyrethroids you turn it into a killer drug, most young people that have been exposing themselves to such substances are in a sorry state in terms of their health and mental state.

The withdrawal effects of this combination has excruciating pain as it seems to have a toxic effect to the nerve system, such that one will find themselves unable to move or walk for days. Some have breathing problems after smoking this laced marijuana and stomach cramps and vomiting becomes the order of the day, dehydrating and weakening the individuals and some have been seen recovering from hospital.

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