Waterlogged vajayjay!

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THE waterlogged playing field! This is one controversial issue which leaves many confused as they will not be sure of how wet is too much for the cookie-jar.

Of course being wet is good as it works as a lubricant helping couples to have enjoyable sex. It eases penetration, allowing your man to thrust more vigorously; it boosts your below-the-belt sensitivity, increasing your chances for a mind-blowing Big O!

The problem is when the cookie-jar becomes waterlogged. It is every womana��s dream to be less watery, tight and grippy down there.

You realise that you have a problem when you get so wet that your partnera��s manhood continuously slips out of you or if you fail to feel a�?ita�? inside you during the game. This is when we then say you are waterlogged.

When you are sexually aroused, the cookie-jar wetness will just be sufficient for both of you to have pleasurable sex.

Most of us think that sex is best when wet. However, too much natural lubrication, wetness during sex reduces pleasure for both partners, females lose greater stimulation along the vaginal walls and men lose out on the corresponding a�?tighta�? sensation.

Wetness level in women increases as arousal increases. But some ladies produce large amounts of lubrication. If excess wetness is a problem for you, there are some things that you can do.

First, realise that there is more to sex than just the intercourse. Did you know that more women achieve orgasms by clitoral stimulation than by intercourse? However, intercourse is an intimate act and it should be satisfying.

Secondly, you should see your doctor to see if there are some infections or other problem causing your excess wetness, especially if ita��s something new. Dona��t ignore too much wetness!

A watery cookie-jar could causes a rift in your relationship and intimacy. The man can suspect that your vajayjay is loose while on the other hand the woman will think that the mana��s weapon size is the issue. There is unspoken resentment for not getting satisfied sexually.

Normally, during sexual excitement, the veins in the pelvis, vulva and clitoris dilate, allowing more blood to flow through. You feel more heat in your crotch which gives a a�?flushed feelinga�? in the vajayjay. For women who are highly excitable and super aroused, the vagina starts to sweat resulting in wetness.

Your degree of vajayjay wetness can also be dictated by the different stages of your menstrual cycle. Many women produce more fluid mid-cycle that is the reason why once in a while you become more wet than usual. This is normal, just ignore it.

Remember that there are some women who can achieve G-spot orgasms. At times some people do not take note of this, rushing to think that someone is waterlogged yet they would have reached the big O during foreplay. This wetness is highly arousing to men so do not jump and wipe. You will not be waterlogged as both of you will enjoy the game.

For those women who are waterlogged, it is said that in dealing with this problem one should also consider changing birth control pills.

For some women, excessive vajayjay wetness could be caused by high levels of oestrogen or oxytocin. The causes behind these hormonal fluctuations are usually the side-effects of birth control pills. Rise in oestrogen levels is especially noticeable when you have just started or stopped using your birth control pills or switched to a new type.

For some women, this increase in oestrogen levels might result in excessive vaginal wetness.

If you are waterlogged, you should also be selective when it comes to sex positions. The woman on top position is not to be adopted because your partnera��s manhood will keep slipping out of you.

The ideal ones become the one when you lie on your side and have your partner penetrate you from behind. The a�?doggy stylea�? is another good sex position for women who have very wet vajayjays. These two positions will normally reverse vaginal circulation, thus increasing friction for both partiesa�� enjoyment!

However, it should also be noted that being waterlogged beats being too dry. Dryness is disaster, but excess wetness is loved by men as it boosts their ego,A� knowing that they managed to get you a�?super arouseda�?. Sisters, never tighten it too much as it will be a turn-off!

Virgin sticks are dangerous as you might end up having cancer. Do you know the herbs which were used to make it?

Stay away from virgin sticks,A� especially the ones which women insert in the cookie-jar the whole night. Yes, you might become tight for a certain period, but one day be diagnosed with cancer and the man you were trying to please will dump you for someone else. Stay away from virgin sticks!

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