Donald Wadawu

Wadawu guns for national leadership

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OUTGOING Bulawayo Pool Association (BPA) publicity secretary Donald Wadawu has decided to quit his position amid revelations that he was ready to serve as the sporting disciplinea��s national leader.

Wadawu quits BPA after a successful four-year leadership tenure working hand in glove with the associationa��s chairman Godfrey Kondo and secretary general RaphaelMukucha among other able leaders.

a�?I could have stayed on for my third term (2016 to 2017) but I have decided to pass the baton to the next generation.

I believe I am now ready to serve as a national leader. I have groomed Tapiwa Sikwila, a person whom I believe will work hard for BPA. I will campaign for him to take over the publicity office. My prime target for 2016 is to develop pool for Zimbabwe,a�? said Wadawu.

About his first national project, Wadawu said he would make sure that pool becomes one of the sport codes at the 2016 Youth Games.

a�?We need five provinces for the dream to come true. As of today, I have put ground work in consultation with other provinces and Sports and Recreation Commission will help us to see the project through. Bulawayo is ready,

Matabeleland North is ready, so is Mashonaland East and Mashonaland West. We also have a high powered BPA delegation which will come in handy in formulating league structures in Gwayi-Shangani, Hwange and Victoria Falls,a�? said Wadawu.

The delegation includes Mukucha and BPA referees chairperson John Mahachi.

Wadawu was voted into office at the BPAa��S 2012 annual general meeting and he was appointed the chairman of referees in the first year. He was further appointed acting publicity secretary (jointly running the two portfolios before Peter Dziko became chairman of referees in 2013).

In 2014, he was elected unopposed for a second term as publicity secretary,A� a position he was in charge of until the end of 2015.

Meanwhile, chairmen and secretary generals of several member associations are in consultation with interim Zimbabwe Pool Association (ZIPA) led byA� Trust Chifadza pushing for the board to be a national board , with full participation of all provincial structures.

The current national interim board is a a�?Harare Selecta�? and all member associations are reportedly not willing to subscribe to it.