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Violent hubby gets stern warning

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A Bulawayo magistrate sitting at the civil court lashed out at a gold panner who viciously stabbed his wife with a knife on the shoulder before he allegedly struck her with an axe on her thigh.

Magistrate Tinashe Tashaya presiding over a case in which Nontokozo Mpala from Pumula North was suing her husband Anold Ncube for verbal, emotional and physical abuse raised his disgust at the accuseda��s alleged evil deed.

a�?Your behaviour is not that of a human being. You should be ashamed of it. With your behaviour you are a few seconds away from prison. If it is beer that drives you to be abusive its better you quit it because very soon I will meet you at the criminal court while being charged with murder,a�? charged the magistrate.

The magistratea��s anger came after Mpala claimed that she suffered multiple injuries as a result of her husbanda��s abuse.

a�?I am customarily married to Anold Ncube and we have two minor children together aged four and two years respectively. My husband started being abusive in 2011 when we were still cohabiting. The abuse worsened when we got married in 2013.

a�?Anold is verbally abusive especially when he is drunk. At one time he physically assaulted me when I was seven months pregnant. He always beats me up in front of our minor children and thata��s psychologically traumatised them.

For instance our four-year-old son is always reporting to relatives all the abuse his father is perpetrating on me.

a�?As a result of his physical abuses I suffered serious head and knee injuries. I also sustained other injuries on my shoulder after he stabbed me with a knife and on the left thigh after he struck me with an axe,a�? said Mpala.

In response a remorseful Ncube asked for forgiveness from his wife and the courts saying he wona��t do it again.

a�?Whenever, he breaches the contents of the protection order I am granting now you should report him to the police so that he can be charged,a�? said Tashaya before he sternly ordered Ncube not to physically, verbally and emotionally abuse his wife.

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