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Vimbaia��s raunchy risk has fans singing praises

Langalakhe Mabena
Explicitly sexy and on point!

As soon as the video commences, a sweet conversation between husband and wife over the telephone is the one which first draws attention as Vimbai Zimuto who plays the character of a wife on her new video Hapana Kwaunoenda reveals she misses her husband and she has waited for too long, to make love perhaps.

Vimbai Zimuto 2

After the dialogue, as the sound track of the video starts, appears a beautiful curved dreadlocked a�?African womana�? wearing red lacey lingerie lying sexy on her bed in the form of Vimbai, removing her husbanda��s clothes as soon as he enters the room and the sexual seduction begins.

The background of the video, a neatly designed bedroom with the main prop the bed covered with clean white sheets, a majority of red candles lit to provide prickly lighting, a bra hanging on a tree like prop obviously suggesting the adult game at play clearly reveals the mood, feeling and the meaning of the song.

If the Netherlands-based songstress owes any person a video script which connects with the songa��s lyrics, she has delivered and settled her debts very well. One social media user Tino Del Rossi commented with satisfaction: a�?This video is like every African mana��s dream, ungagoenda kupi (where can you go) leaving a woman like that in your house.a�?

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Vimbai, who is set to release her full length album in July with its title won by the warm-up single Hapana Kwaunoenda, dropped an eye-catching teaser of the album art cover last month which revealed more skin only covering her essential parts, that on its own was a sign that something more sexy, meeting international standards which can be compared to the likes of Rihanna and Beyonce was coming.

With most people who commented and liked the video being women praising Vimbai for being confident with her body and celebrating woman sexual virility, the video also generated negative reaction on social media with others claiming it was dirty and unacceptable.

Can the video be accepted in the society or it promotes repugnant sexual practices?

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As Ammara Brown survived the harsh bad comments as soon as she released her almost equally raunchy Akiliz video, Vimbai has to be strong and do what she does best which is growing her international brand and meet the global standards.

One social media user Tawanda Matema who believes the video should not be accepted in the society commented on the video: a�?What happened to Zimbabwe, thata��s disgusting. I honestly think that you are trying too hard to be Europeans. Youa��re advertising porn and you werena��t even saying anything in the song (sic).a�?

With such a well crafted unique piece which has over 45 000 views on YouTube since its release on 6 April, the last scenes (making love in the shower) concludes the video very well with no loop hopes to be termed a poor production. order generic us viagra combo pack.