Vimbai on being a race victim

Bruce Ndlovu
Actress and presenter Vimbai Mutinhiri has over the past few years gained a reputation as an adventurous and outgoing celebrity not afraid to try new things.

While her stature has grown due to her gig as a presenter on Star Gist, she has also becomeA� one of the continenta��s most well travelled celebrities, hence named the new face of African Travel by Style Mania Magazine last year.

However, while she is now able to take in the sights and sounds from around the continent, the former Zimbabwean Big Brother participanta��s passion for travel was inspired by a traumatic racist incident at a multi racial school.

Vimbai was enrolled at the International School of Belgrade alongside her brother when her father was the Ambassador to the former Yugoslavia.

a�?But my journey as a pan African activist began in the 5th Grade when my Serbian classmate called me a monkey.

The boy in question had professed his love for me, but I was not allowed to have a boyfriend and was too embarrassed to say so, so I simply told him I didna��t like him. He went into a rage and called me a monkey, and said that my father was a big baboon,a�? she wrote in her new column in Nigeriaa��s The Guardian newspaper.

Although the incident had been resolved, it had taught her the value of self pride and identity.

a�?The issue was raised with the Parent Teacher Association, and an apology was issued but it taught me some major life lessons at that tender age: being different does not make you inferior and you should never be afraid to stand up for being different.a�?

a�?What does this have to do with sharing my insight into travel with you? In my travels across Africa I see so many different young people, and I ask myself are we still instilling African pride? Do we actually care about Africa beyond the borders of our own countries? Ita��s interesting to watch people stroll by in various international airports,a�? she stated. lisinopril 30 mg no prescription.