Vic Falls man invades widowa��s house over $4 000 debt

A WIDOW in Victoria Falls says she is living in fear after her late husbanda��s friend moved into her house claiming he was owed $4 565.
Sibongile Ncube (70), told a court her husband, whose details were not given, died in August last year.

Her husbanda��s friend, Phinias Matanga, then moved into Ncubea��s house claiming her late husband owed him some money and would not vacate till he was paid.

a�?I am a widow as my husband died on August 11 last year,a�? said Ncube.

a�?Matanga claimed my late husband owed him $4 565 which I do not even know anything about and he moved into my house. He is now staying in the house without paying any rent and he sometimes threatens me.a�?

She was presenting her case at the Civil Court in Victoria Falls. The case is yet to be given a court date after Matanga filed a notice of intention to defend on Monday.

In the affidavit, Ncube wants the court to intervene and force Matanga out of her house as she fears he might harm or abuse her.

It is yet to be established whether Ncube stays with any children. – Online. lo ovral mexico.