Vendor loses wares to a�?ghostsa��

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In a shocking incident, a man in Gweru lost vending wares to what he calls ghosts on Saturday.A�The man, Peter Sibanda, of Mtapa suburb is a vendor at a bus stop and has been selling wares for the past two years. Speaking to B-Metro Sibanda said on the fateful day he knocked of late.

a�?On Saturday I knocked off around 10 pm because business had been very low during the day so I had to extend my working hours. Just as I was packing my wares two men approached and they bought two cigarettes.

a�?I then noticed that they were heading the same direction as mine so I asked them to help me carry my stuff. I gave them two plastic bags, the other one had potatoes and sweets and the other one had tomatoes and onions,a�? he said.

Sibanda remained behind packing other wares while the two men took to the road. However, to his shock, the men just disappeared a few metres from him and he only saw the bags they dropped on the street.

a�?Just two houses from my house the two men disappeared. One minute I could see them and the next minute they were nowhere to be seen. I quickly took the two plastic bags they had dropped in the centre of the road and rushed homea�?, he added.

a�?I was terrified and I was not sure what to do. When I got home I told my wife and we realised that some of the tomatoes, potatoes and sweets were missinga�? said Sibanda.

The following day Sibandaa��s kids stumbled upon the tomatoes, sweets and potatoes next to the road and they told their father.

a�?I went there to check and I found out they were mine. I left the goods there as I was scared to pick them up. I have heard a lot of stories about ghosts in our area but I thought it was all lies until thena�?, he said.