Vending in schools still on despite Government ban

tretinoin online. Jacqueline Dube A�
TEACHERS seem to have ignored the warning from the Government to stop vending in schools.
Vending was banned by the GovernmentA� after observations that teachers were concentrating on their businesses more than teaching.

One of the teachers who sell food stuffs in the classroom who preferred anonymity said: a�?I have been selling my sweets, biscuits and chocolates for the past two years and it has generated a lot of income for me. I am able to raise money for my childrena��s school fees as my salary is not enough.a�?

The school heads were complaining about the way teachers were selling saying that it has an effect on the children and the schools projects.

a�?We have tuck shops at schools and expect to generate money to help the school and that would be rather impossible to achieve if these teachers continue to sell their goodies,a�? said Rueben Dube, a teacher from Nkayi.

Another teacher who practices vending said in order for him to get the children to buy he gives them on credit, payable on the following day or by end of week.

a�?It is true that we sell to the children but sometimes business can be low and we end up giving them on credit, payable the next day or end of week, that way I am guaranteed that I get to sell all my goodies.a�?

Efforts to get a comment from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education were fruitless as their mobile numbers were not being answered.