Hardlife sithole and Miranda Nyengera during their happier times

Valentine’s Day Shocker

Gibson Mhaka
VALENTINE’S Day shocker!

A Bulawayo man, Hardlife Sithole (ABOVE, with Miranda Nyengera), who had planned to celebrate Valentine’s Day with his loved one hoping the day would bring in a lot of new surprises in their relationship apparently got the heartbreak of his life.

Sithole claimed that his lover Miranda Nyengera from Nkulumane 12 was two timing him. He spotted her in the arms of another man said to be her workmate while coming from a downtown hotel.

Nyengera, employed as a cashier by a city fast-food outlet, had initially told Sithole that after work she was going to come to his place of residence, unbeknown to the latter that his lover wanted to have a sexual brace on Valentine’s Day.

It is reported that Sithole busted the two cheating workmates-cum -lovebirds after a tip-off from his friends who had seen them allegedly booking for a “short-time” resting facility at the hotel in question.

Upon sighting, the two who were looking lovey-dovey coming out of a hotel, Sithole allegedly failed to control his “heart” and briefly passed out.

A few minutes later, he regained consciousness and followed them. He caught up with them at the corner of Fort Street and 11th Avenue where they were allegedly exchanging their Valentine’s Day gifts.

Sithole reportedly spoilt the great moment when he confronted them. His rival however, took to his heels leaving Nyengera at the mercy of her boyfriend.

The confrontation attracted the attention of passersby who then restrained an irate Sithole from harassing his lover.

When reached for comment, Sithole opened up.

“Yes it’s true that I spotted Miranda coming out of a downtown hotel with another man who is her workmate. What happened is that on Valentine’s Day, Miranda had earlier on phoned me saying after work she was going to come over to my place.

“At around 7pm I was shocked when my friends phoned me saying they had seen her going into a hotel with another man. At first I thought they were fooling me but they insisted that I should lay an ambush outside the hotel.

“I later hired a taxi and upon arrival I saw Miranda in the arms of her workmate leaving the hotel. I could not brave the sight. I collapsed.

“After regaining my consciousness I followed them to the corner of Fort Street and 11th Avenue where they were exchanging gifts.

“Out of anger I tried to assault Miranda but I was restrained by some passersby,” said a heartbroken Sithole.

Sithole said after the fracas, Nyengera reported him to the police claiming he threatened to come and cause a scene at her workplace.

“What pained me is that instead of apologising, the following day (Monday) Miranda went to Bulawayo Central Police Station to file charges against me. She said I was threatening to cause a scene at her workplace to get her fired.

That is not true. Miranda really disappointed me. Just imagine I had introduced her to some of my relatives as my wife-to-be,” he said.

Nyengera said Sithole harassed her after he found her in the company of a workmate.

“There was an altercation between Sithole and I after he spotted me in the company of a workmate going home carrying a gift bag. It is not true that he had earlier on seen us coming from a hotel.

“He is trying to cook up a story to tarnish my image after I broke up with him. That is the reason why I went to report the matter to the police so that he can stop harassing me,” she said.