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Upbeat With Youth: Leave comfort zone, start a project


Danisa Masuku – WHEN I was doing O-level I used to hate practical subjects.

When it was time for practical subjects like woodwork and metalwork I would bunk the lesson or join my classmates for the sake of it because I thought I could face life without any practical skills.

I did not know that I was shooting myself in the foot. Later in life I grew up to learn that practical subjects are of importance. Hate or love it practical subjects are of great help when you want to start a business because you would possess some skills and technical know-how.

You might ask what I am driving at, the point of the matter is, it is wiser to be self sufficient or to complement your income with the money from your business. One might say I do not have capital but you can start with little money.

Your business could grow until you have collateral to borrow money from the bank.

As a result you can transform your life from being dependent to being self sufficient. I caught up with Mbuso Nyoni who is a newspaper vendor and also sells recharge cards. Nyoni told me that his parents passed on in 2011 and after that his future looked bleak.

He had to fend for two siblings who are now doing secondary education. At one point he thought of ending his life but he got advice from his friend who is a Christian to pay them a visit at their church and he responded to the invitation.

After that he opened up to the pastor who counselled him and the man of cloth gave him financial assistance of $200.

After that he started a business to sell shoes and perfumes. His two sisters are learning without any hustle.

You could draw some lessons from this scenario. Do not wait for a problem to strike and then you think of plan B but have something to fall back on in case a mishap strikes.

The problem with some of us is that we are clueless on how to start a business and in the same vein shy to start a business for example that of selling vegetables or selling recharge cards. But that does not help in any way! Please get out of the comfort zone and start a life with a difference.

Information is power so start by getting information in the area of business that you are interested in. You can get the information from the Ministry of Small to Medium Enterprises and Co-operative Development or you may do your research online.

After that you can start your own sole trading business. There is power in humble beginnings; so you can start a small business; selling fruits or vegetables. There are some who are in the cosmetic or hairdressing trades and they started small. If you ask any businessperson he/she will tell you that he or she started from a humble beginning.

You will avoid the blame game scenario that that many out there are in. Due to that they fail to make it in life. Now is the time to be your own employer and avoid the blame game scenario.

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