Miriam Mpofu and Eve Muzwaba

a�?Unseena�� man molests granny . . . War as she confronts neighbour about the creature

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AT 79 shea��s sexually attractive but sadly to the wrong a�?persona�?.

Such is the sad story of a Gwabalanda woman who is being tormented by a mysterious creature and has not had peace in her life since 2004.

Eve Muzwaba stays alone and claims an unseen man molests her.

Because of this unseen creature, she cannot afford to sleep, not even during the day as it seems the mysterious man is always waiting for such an opportunity.

a�?I am suffering and have tried to seek help from different prophets, but to no avail.

a�?I just know there is a mysterious man in my house who coughs constantly and I feel his hands on my breasts and all over my body.

a�?This is torture.A� As old as I am, how can I have sex?A� Worse with an unseen creature!a�? said the visibly traumatised Muzwaba.

She revealed that the problem started in 2004 after her neighbour Miriam Mpofu (76) of 3718 invited her to her house.

a�?Mpofu came to my house and she asked me to come to her place saying she needed my help. When we got to her gate, she told me that from that day onwards I should not sprinkle coarse salt in my yard, I should not visit prophets or traditional healers.

a�?What she had said boggled my mind and when I asked for explanations she just ignored me and led me to a garden full of faeces and flies,a�? said Muzwaba.

It didna��t make sense why someone would invite her to her house to show off faeces.

a�?I asked her what was happening and she turned deaf and dumb until I decided to return to my place. On the following day when I woke up, there were faeces in my garden and I was shocked because that was exactly what MaMpofu had shown me.

a�?It meant what had been bothering her had moved to my place,a�? she said.

From the day in question, she could not sleep as there would be knocks on all doors and in her bed she started feeling a man sleeping next to her.

When she sought for advice from MaMpofu since she once had the same problem with her, a war of words started between the two grannies and to date, they do not see eye to eye.

However, Mpofu denied the reports.

a�?I am a Christian and I dona��t know what she is talking about. I only heard from her niece that at one time she tried to take her to a prophet and they were chased away as it was said she is a witch and she killed her husband and two children.

a�?She should go and seek help and stop dragging my name into issues which I do not know.a�?

Muzwaba at one time dragged Mpofu to the courts after she had reportedly called her a witch, but she was acquitted as there was not enough evidence.

Muzwaba is appealing for help from anyone who can cleanse her home.

  • Tongayi (jnr)

    You guys majourno, cases like this just tip them kuti we have prophets like Walter Magaya, E Makandiwa and so fourth at least they get to be aware kuti kugara in bondage and demonic oppression is a choice considering the vast number of genuine and highly annointed men of God around.