Joseph Ncube 3

Unique dancer rocks social media

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IF life gives you lemons you just have to take them and make lemonade.

That is the case with Joseph Ncube (35, ABOVE) from Maninji in Plumtree who was born with no hands and feet but has grown to become a dancer of note.

His fame has also earned him a�?virala�? status on social media as people share his footage in action.

B-Metro caught up with him at his home in Mabutweni in Bulawayo.

However, at the time he had just laid to rest his three-year-old son.

Since this reporter was not there for the bereavement, Ncube suggested we get on with what we came for.

Having learnt at a special needs school in Bulawayo, King George VI before dropping out in 1997, Ncubea��s journey to showbiz success was evident.

King George VI was home to Prudence Mabhena and her band Liyana among other people living with disabilities who have had a shot at showbiz.

After school he went to Amakhosi.

a�?I enrolled for music and dance at Amakhosi in 1998 and graduated in 1999,a�? he said.

In no time he was on the road to mesmerising crowds.

a�?I have worked with Mokis Connection, Bhatshi, Chase Skuza and Obadiah Matulana to mention a few,a�? he said.

With experience spanning almost 15 years, he now has his own band.

a�?I formed my own group a�� The Unique Dancers. I recruited two members and our lives have become better. We earn a living through our sweat. We are contracted by different night clubs and we get special hires for weddings and school functions,a�? said Ncube.

He met his wife Sibongile Moyo while he was in the line of duty.

a�?We were performing in Plumtree and there were a number of girls who attended the show. After the show I proposed love to her and she accepted my proposal. We had three children but Ia�� m sad to inform you that our three-year-old son died on Monday,a�? he said.

What can go wrong with a wife who supports her husbanda��s career?

Sibongile helps him sell the groupa��s live performance compact discs.

a�?I am happy with the job my husband is doing and I am helping him sell the discs because they are our source of income,a�? she said.