Joe-Anne Nkiwane, he one at the back with awhite top and khakhi like jacket-ignore the one with a nike jacket

Uninvited lover bashed for frequent visits

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WHILE other men become happy when visited by their lovers it is not so for a Bulawayo man, Raymond Magusha, who decided to punish his lover Joe-Anne Nkiwane who was in the habit of a�?frequentlya�? visiting him at his lodgings by bashing her.

Magushaa��s a�?unmanly,a�? behaviour was laid bare at the Bulawayo Civil Court where Nkiwane was seeking a restraining order against him.

In his response to Nkiwanea��s accusations that he was a serial abusive lover, Magusha admitted to savagely beating his lover saying it was apparently punishment against her for coming to his place a�?uninviteda�?.

a�?It is true that I constantly assault her but it is only when she comes to my place uninvited,a�? curtly said Magusha.

His terse response came after Nkiwane begged the presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya to grant her a protection order which stops her lover from verbally, physically and emotionally abusing her.

a�?Raymond Magusha is my boyfriend and we have one minor child together. Raymond is in the habit of verbally and physically abusing me.

a�?The latest incident was on 1 March when he assaulted me while I was in town. At the height of the abuse he threatened to stab me with a knife and I was rescued by two men who quickly took away the knife,a�? said a troubled Nkiwane.

Her prayers were answered when the magistrate sternly ordered Magusha not to verbally, physically and emotionally abuse her.
After the ruling, a seemingly incensed Magusha furiously charged at Nkiwane saying she should immediately surrender his property which she took to her place for a�?safekeepinga�?.

The magistrate quickly interjected and advised him that if he wants to get back his property from Nkiwane he should do it through the courts.