Understand your man

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Mena��s view and value for sex tends to differ from womena��s opinion about the whole bedroom a�?gamea��. It seems the forbidden fruit is of much value than water in a desert to men than women.

Men are so obsessed and passionate about it, and may even be a�?crazya�� for it, to an extent of affecting the way they reason.

Get me right, I am not saying that it is not important to women as well, but I just want sisters to understand the importance of the forbidden fruit to your men. They can actually kill for it!

Many a times men complain of being denied their conjugal rights by their partners and after reading this article I believe my beautiful sisters will understand the role of love making in relationships as it tightens not only the bond but also keeps heartbreaks at bay.

A friend once told me that having sex three to four times a week keeps the man at home.

Ita��s not all about entertainment, but there is more to it, hey!

I just wonder, have you ever noticed your mana��s countenance after giving him a good dose of ingenuity and generosity in the bedroom. Have you ever observed that he usually feels fulfilled and at rest after a good performance in bed? Great love making takes his body to a state of rest.

You can mess around with a man, but not with his ego. Mostly, men who find it difficult to have or sustain an erection think they are not man enough in their own eyes and develop inferiority complex. On the other hand, a sexually satisfied man develops self confidence. Understand that a good bedroom life fulfills his manhood and makes him feel good about himself.

There are some women I know who always complain about their partners failing to live up to be confident especially when they are around a group of people. To get to the root of the problem, check your bedroom life!

One trick you must employ if you want the best out of your man in terms of love, care and admiration is not denying him his conjugal rights. On the other hand, if you want the worst out of him, deny him sex regularly and you will see the animal in the man. Ita��s so true that a hungry man is an angry man. Just let him get in between your legs and you will bring the best out of him!

The other thing which you should know is that a sexually satisfied man is more likely to love, which results in an intimate marriage blooming and ballooning with love and peace. Most strange behaviours of your man can be traced to your bedroom. Likewise, unusual care and display of great affection can also be traced to sexual fulfillment.

Do not push him afar by turning him down every night. A good sex life provokes a good married life and will bring the two of you closer to each other. It enhances good communication and culminates in togetherness, oneness, fondness and unity among couples.

Sisters, there are no words to describe how a man feels when he encounters you in a fulfilling way as it arouses great commitment and physical explosion. His body system will be renewed, his focus shifted from business or career to you. Every gland and organ in his body seems to reach another level as he holds you tightly, speaks in languages, shouts, praises you and groans. He can hardly describe his experience and all he can say is a�?I enjoyed it.a�? He is only permitted to share his experience with you and you must be ready to share the experiences and not allow him to look elsewhere as that can be disastrous.

Did you know that a sexually fulfilled man at home will be bold enough to face the challenges of the world? He believes in himself, sees himself as a real man and looks forward to returning home and spending quality time with his wife!

A sexually frustrated man has a hard time concentrating. He is prone to being edgy and finds it hard to retain lasting goals. Assist your better half!

Of course it has often been said men are dogs but come on girls we cannot live without a�?our dogsa�?. A sexually satisfied man hardly goes out to look for sex somewhere. If a woman is ingenious enough to give her best to her man and a�?milka�? the best out of him, the man will be too satisfied to think of any other woman outside. Most men caught in infidelity claim a�?sexual droughta�? at home. Play your part well and that will improve your partnera��s faithfulness in the relationship!

The important thing which women have to understand as well in that male specie of any animal is generally sexually stronger than its female counterpart. Among human beings, men are more active and stronger than women. This does not mean that women do not have a strong sex drive, far from it, but the sex drive of a woman tends to be periodic while that of a man is usually on. Good lovemaking therefore satisfies his sex drive!

Through that ecstasy derived from sex, your man gets joy and happiness. That will help make your home one of the happiest homes filled with love and joy.

With the knowledge of what good sex does to you and your partner, it is pertinent you learn how to loosen your panties and unlock your skirt for him a little. Let him enjoy you and have a feel for his love for you. Dona��t ever give him that chance to fantasise about any other woman. Infact infest his mind with imagesA� of yourself, as you show him that you are capable of satisfying him in all his bedroom desires!

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