Uncle rapes pregnant new bride

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INSTEAD of ensuring her niecea��s safety, a 17-year-old girla��s aunt turned her back on her and left her in the hands of a rapist.
The girl (name withheld), had decided to abandon her family and join her boyfriend after she had discovered that she had fallen pregnant.

The girla��s aunt took it upon herself to accompany her to her new home after she had confided in her.

Upon arrival, the girl and her aunt narrated the cause for their visit to the said boyfrienda��s uncle, who said the man responsible for the pregnancy was not around.

It is said that he went on to instruct the aunt to leave behind the a�?new bridea�? since her husband had gone to Kwekwe and was not expected to come back any time soon that night.

It is further alleged that the she went on to leave the juvenile and headed back to her homestead leaving the girlA� behind.

After sometime, the man instructed the girl to get inside his bedroom for a rest, to which she complied. It is further alleged that after being questioned by the girl about the whereabouts of her a�?husbanda��, he informed her that he was in Kwekwe attending a funeral and went on to promise to locate him if she offers sexual favours to him.

NoticingA� that his intentions have hit a brick wall, the decided to take the matter into his own hands and went on to lock the door before allegedly forcibly throwing the juvenile onto the bed before forcing himself on her.

He went on to order the girl not to tell anyone of the a�?romp.a��A� The matter however,A� came to light upon the boyfrienda��s arrival who discovered a used condom in the bedroom.

The juvenile, went on to narrate the ordeal to her husband who in turn reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest of the uncle.

As a result, he was hauled before Gweru magistrate Florence Nago facing rape charges.

He was remanded in custody for further trial.