TZ Junior Tennis tourneys on

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TENNIS Zimbabwe (TZ) has organised junior tournaments throughout all provinces in the country to help youngsters improve their national rankings. Rankings are used to select players that represent the country in international contests.

Each individual province will organise the tournaments. Two tournaments were played in the City of the Kings from 6-8 April and the tournaments have moved on to be played in Gweru.

a�?We had two national tournaments hosted in Bulawayo with players from all over the country coming to play to get a national ranking.

a�?We award a point to a player just for participating. Each round you win a point is also added up,a�? said organiser of the tournament Tarwirawgsa Chikunichawa.

The tournaments were slated for April because ita��s a school holiday.

a�?After the tournaments in Gweru are played, the youngsters will go on to play in Manicaland and hopefully in other provinces,a�? said Chikunichawa.

The tournaments will largely be dominated by the same participants in all the provinces.

a�?The players who participated in Bulawayo are also the ones competing in Gweru with a few additions here and there.

a�?Players will be limited by transport and other related costs to go and participate in all these competitions,a�? said Chikunichawa. viagra 200mg to 400 ordering fineciastride. .