tyre training

Tyres circuit training


Tyres do more than just make cars move. You can use  tyres for a complete circuit training to add strength, size, speed and agility to your entire body.

It’s a great outdoor workout it can also be done indoors if there is enough space for flipping the tyre. You can use a tyre that’s new or old.

The sizes can range from 100 to 500 pounds you choose the one suitable for you. You do not necessarily have to use a heavy tyre even a light one can have an effective workout. First you do your warm up for 10 minutes and you will need to have the tyre, towel and water for drinking during exercise.

TYRE BOX JUMPS: Lay your tyre flat on its side like a box . Face the tyre with your feet shoulder width apart. Squat down slightly as if you are going to jump straight in to the air your arms will naturally swing backwards and return forward as you leap onto the tyre.

Both feet should land softly on the tyre.While the tyre has some give to it , landing too heavily can hurt your knees upon impact.

TRICEP DIPS: Facing away from the tyre , place your arms behind you. Rest the palms of your hands on the tyre with your arms fully extended. Place your feet about half of your body length in front of the tyre.  Bend at the elbows into a 90 degree angle while lowering your body slowly until your bottom almost touches the ground or floor. Return to a straight arm position. This is one full repetition.

DECLINE PUSH UP: Facing away from the tyre, place your hands on the floor slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Place both of your feet on the tyre behind you and raise yourself up into a plank position. Keeping your body straight lower your upper body toward the floor by bending both arms at 90 degrees angles. Next push up until your arms are fully extended again.

LATERAL JUMPS: Begin by standing up right and parallel to the tyre. Next squat slightly bending your knees in a way that distributes your weight evenly. Avoid curving your back or bending at the hips. Jump sideways ( literally) onto the tyre and land in a half squat position .

TOE TOUCHES: stand facing the tyre. Drive your left knee up and touch the tyre with your toe. As your left knee drives up, your right arm will swing back, similar to a running stance. Return your left foot to the ground as you drive your right knee up, your left hand back , and your foot to the tyre.