Twitter football social media awakens wars

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A JAB aimed at an adversary, a joke poking fun at an opponent or just plain banter after beating an arch rival, local clubs are taking football rivalry to the next level!

One would be excused for assuming that football matches are now played and even perhaps won on social media platform Twitter judging by the way local clubs are making their presence known online.

Gone are the days when clubs would use Twitter as a platform to update their supporters with fixtures and results.

Poking fun at opponents (all in good humour, of course) to ingenious creativity, local football clubs are showing that the game in town has changed.

On the eve of their 3-2 drubbing of Black Rhinos last month, Bulawayo Chiefs showed just how captivating their Twitter account is by making a meal of their opponents.

“The story of teams not camping and meeting in the morning on Match Days is a story for another day but across town at the barracks we hope our colleagues (Black Rhinos) are resting well and will not bring a tanker into the stadium. Good night Zimbabwe and the world,” tweeted Bulawayo Chiefs.

One of their followers tweeted “If you are on Twitter and not following @BulawayoChiefs sit down and listen.”

The club’s evergreen presence on Twitter even earned Bulawayo Chiefs an admirer who heaped praise on them by tweeting “@Bulawayo Chiefs thanks for bringing banter into our football, even the big boys are following.”

Bulawayo Chiefs has close to 4 000 followers on Twitter, 2 600 fewer than Highlanders yet the Bulawayo giants have millions of supporters compared to their neighbours who can hardly attract 150 supporters for home games.

Clearly taking a cue from the captivating Bulawayo Chiefs Twitter account, the big boys Highlanders, Chicken Inn and Caps United have now taken to interacting with their followers instead of using the social media platform as a notice board.

The Caps United Twitter account has over 14 000 followers and is getting creative by the day by throwing in witty football jokes coupled with team news, making its presence bold online.

A few hours before playing Chicken Inn, the Caps United Twitter account showed just witty it can be by posting a picture showing half eaten pieces of chicken captioned “This is how Chicken Inn will look like when we are done with them”.

“Every business or brand should have a Twitter account that is updated at least twice a day. It could be about anything related to the business, even something like a short reaction to a breaking news story.

“However, it’s important to limit personal opinions because corporate Twitter accounts are not spaces to vent personal stuff,” wrote an online expert on how Twitter can build brand awareness.