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YOU have probably heard people talking about a�?beefa�? curtains and a�?flapsa�?, even ladies. However chances are high that they have them too! I t is far more common than people think.

I bet my dear sisters are already wondering what the hell that is! This other day a friend just told me good news that she had just found new love. I had expected her to be beaming with excitement. Surprisingly she looked distressed.

She told me how uncomfortable she was about her big lips. She was afraid that the guy would leave her because of the floppy lips down there. She said she once overheard some guys saying long labia is a�?nasty and loose.a�? So she had no confidence in herself.

Sisters learn to be grateful about what you have. Dona��t stress yourself over something that you cana��t change.

Honestly, how can one be so sensitive over such a small, hidden part as labia? Ita��s not like everyone sees how small or how short or how long it is.

Many women are born with larger labia just like some other body parts. For some it makes no difference to their lives, but for some it undermines confidence especially when it comes to the bedroom game.

Labia are folds of skin that form the vulva, the external female genitalia. Those lips down there.

In the Ndebele culture, grannies and aunties used to preach the gospel of a�?pulling those little thingsa�?.

It was a taboo for a lady to get into marriage without long lips. They believed that they aided a man in the penetration process as they would refer to them as izibambo (handles). It surprised me how could my dear friend cry over such a thing as a long one. Some would kill for it.

Labia is said to facilitate fireworks in the bedroom. When stimulated, that is when your man touches those lips; glands are stimulated to produce secretions.

The resulting lubrication helps keep the vagina moist, my silly friend would say a�?at rooma�? temperature. As a result penetration becomes easy and enjoyable. Everything flows.

Some of my male colleagues said they preferred longer labia as it clings to the penis giving them great pleasure that drives them to another world. I know my jealous sisters are already saying a�?why should we do everything for men including elongating our organs?a�?

Dona��t worry about these men. The package also accommodates you. These tiny little things are packed with blood vessels and nerves that swell when stimulated.

The rest is history my sister! When these are stimulated you will regret because you will see all the neighbours coming to your bedroom to see what is happening. Touching just make them incredibly sensitive. You will shout his name with joy and reach the big O!.

Some believe that longer lips aid secretion of too much vaginal fluid leading to those funny noises. Well, those are myths. So dona��t feel bad about your lips.

Whether ita��s long or short thata��s not important as long as you have it. So why worry about this whole issue. Men have different tastes when it comes to lips. If he loves you he automatically accepts your big or small lips.

Relax ladies those things are only in the brain. Surely how can a mere lip change everything?A� Men get attached to any kind of woman regardless of their physical features simply because of love which has no boundaries.

They dona��t care about this whole craziness my sisters worry about. So whata��s so special about the length of a lip?

Dona��t take some of these things serious ly ladies. Ita��s just like people; they come in different sizes, so are the lips. I dona��t think a relationship can be ruined by a lip when there is true love.

The sooner you realise that penetration is enjoyable whether long or short lipped you will relax in the bedroom. So just be confident sisters! And if someone loves you, they wona��t care how you look down there.

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