Selwyne Marufu

a�?Troubleda�� girl missing from home

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A family from Bulawayoa��s Nkulumane suburb is having sleepless nights following the disappearance of their daughter aged 16 amid reports she had personal problems.

Selwyne Marufua�?s whereabouts are unknown after she left home saying she was going to the shops on 31 July, but never returned.

Her family reported the matter to police and have been doing their own investigations where they heard some rumours that she had been having some challenges and thus decided to leave without notifying anyone.

a�?We appeal to anyone who could have information about whereabouts of Selwyne to contact us because we are worried about her.

a�?If she is having problems, she should just come back home and we promise to help her no matter the situation as she is so much missed,a�? said her worried sister Karen Marufu.

Selwyne is a Form Four pupil at Mandwandwe High School and on the day she left home she was clad in black jeans and a black jacket.

It is unfortunate even her close friends claim not to know what was troubling Selwyne and her whereabouts.

a�?Her friends are also saying she never told them anything and to us she appeared as if everything was alright as she was in her normal jovial mood. We hope she comes back home and we help her out,a�? said her sister.

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