Tree crushes couple to death

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FREAK death!

Methuseli Dube (25) and his girlfriend Nkosilesisa Mpofu (20) from Sikombingo Village under Chief Sogwala in Lower Gweru went on a picnic under a tree but that was to be their last romantic moment together.

A tree fell on them leading to Dubea��s instant death while Mpofu died on her way to hospital.

Dubea��s mother, Sylvia Dube like many parents are told, only knew that her son had gone to meet friends at the local shops.

a�?When he left home he told me that he was going to see his friends at the shops,a�? she said.

A call from the police shook her world.

a�?I received a call from a police officer telling me I should rush to Dufuya because something had happened to my son. I went to the scene and I was deeply pained upon seeing his lifeless body which was covered in blood lying motionless on the ground,a�? she said, adding that he once told her that he had a girlfriend he wanted to marry.

But Mpofua��s mother Chelesani Ngwenya blamed Methuseli for her daughtera��s death.

a�?If it wasna��t for him she would be alive. Nkosilesisa was my only child and she is gone,a�? said Ngwenya.

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