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Traffic cop raises eyebrows

Zibusiso Moyo
CASH in transit?

An unidentified traffic cop was spotted by shoppers in the heart of the city in Bulawayo loading bulk notes into a bag.

He was being assisted to fill the bag by two cellphone dealers at a flea market stall.

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Sources said the policeman walked in casually as if it was his modus operandi but the money (American dollars and local bond notes) were too much to ignore.

a�?I saw the police officer talking to the two gentlemen after a few minutes he gave them his bag and they took out huge blocks of money and started putting them in the bag. I was stunned because the money was a lot,a�? said a witness.

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In the age of social media, the transaction was difficult to ignore and out he took his smartphone.

a�?I took out my phone and started recording, after a while the three became suspicious and I swiftly walked away,a�? said the witness.

One wonders what the deal was allA� about but it couldna��t have been policing work.

Early this week the Officer-in-Charge at Plumtree Police Station, Inspector Ginger Vhiyano and six subordinates appeared in court in connection with gold worth US$1 million that was stolen at the police station. It had been kept under police guard as exhibit relating to a smuggling case.

Bulawayo Metropolitan police spokesperson Chief Inspector Precious Simango said there was nothing wrong with what the policeman was allegedly up to.

a�?It is not a crime for a police officer to be spotted counting money in public except if there is evidence that one is involved in a dirty deal,a�? she said.

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    Corruption alert. This guy needs to be investigated.