mthimkhulu ndabambi moyo

Traditionalist bars wife from going to church

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A Bulawayo woman won a marital battle against her husband who barred her from going to church because he is a traditionalist.

Health Ngwenya from Matshobana suburb in Bulawayo dragged her husband Mthimkhulu Ndabambi Moyo to the Bulawayo Civil Court claiming he was infringing on her right to religion.

Ngwenya added that her husband was also verbally, physically and economically abusing her.

a�?I am customarily married to the respondent (Mthimkhulu Ndabambi Moyo) and we have three children together. My husband is violent. He is always verbally and physically abusing me in front of our children. Whenever we have a misunderstanding he tries to evict me from the house.

a�?My husband does not allow me to go to church such that for many years I have not attended any church. He says he is a traditionalist and therefore no one in the family should belong to any church,a�? fumed Ngwenya.

She further stated that her husband had also stopped her from cooking as punishment for refusing to cut her dreadlocks.

a�?He also stopped me from cooking and eating at home saying I should cut my dreadlocks and as a result I spent almost a month eating at a neighboura��s house. He also does not allow me to engage in income generating projects.a�?

In response, Moyo said all the abuse he was perpetrating on his wife was punishment for not complying with his demands.

a�?I bought a homestead at our rural home and she is refusing to go there. Whenever I ask her to go to the rural areas she says it is a thing of the past whereby men used to send their spouses to the village. As a pensioner I told her several times that life in the city is now expensive but she does not understand.

a�?Turning to the issue of her dreadlocks I became angry after I discovered that every time she cooked she did not put on a doek to prevent her dreadlocks from coming into contact with the food. Whenever I reprimanded her she would say it is her hair and she will die with it,a�? he said.

Moyo was, however, ordered by the presiding magistrate Sheunesu Matova not to infringe on his wifea��s right to religion. He was also barred from verbally and economically abusing her.