Ntandoyenkosi Mpofu and Angela Mpofu

Too much sex sends woman packing

Gibson Mhaka
TOO much of anything is boring.

Now Angela Mpofu from Old Lobengula wants out of marriage because of her husbanda��s super charged sex drive.

She told a Bulawayo Civil Court magistrate Sheunesu Matova that if she doesna��t a�?give ita�? to the ever hungry husband Ntandoyenkosi Mpofu, he turns violent.

a�?Ntandoyenkosi Mpofu is my husband. We got married in August 2011 and we have two children together. He is verbally, emotionally and sexually abusing me. He has on several occasions called me a prostitute.

a�?After insulting me I would be angry and depressed and despite the fact I would not be in the mood to have sex he forces himself on me.

a�?I tried to sleep in another room so as to avoid him but he was always following and forced me to have sex with him.

As a result of his excessive demands I had since moved out of the matrimonial home to stay with my parents and he is following me againa�?.

She further explained that she was now living in fear and had since filed for divorce because she was unable to bear her husbanda��s continuous demands adding that it was now difficult for her to live with him.

Ntandoyenkosi didna��t dispute his wifea��s accusations.

a�?I do not dispute what she has said. Sometimes shea��s the one who starts abusing me when she comes home drunk. I never called her a prostitute but what happened is that on the day in question I found her with another man in the house.

a�?I was not happy with the way they were sitting and that is when I reprimanded her saying she should not conduct herself as a prostitute,a�? he said.

In his ruling the magistrate however, ordered Ntandoyenkosi to stay away from his wifea��s place and Angela was given custody of their two children.