black spirits

‘Too early to decide fate of Black Spirits’

Keith Mlauzi 

THE big question out there is: Who will take the Black Spirits forward? 

But according to the band manager, Walter Wanyanya it’s too early to ponder about that decision because they are still mourning the late National Hero Oliver Mtukudzi.

“We are still in mourning and trying to come to terms with Tuku’s death so it’s too early for now to say anything,” said Wanyanya.

Wanyanya also reflected that Tuku would have loved to see his band as one unit.

“We know that Mdhara would have loved to see the band as one unit without separations, so for now the band is still intact and we are still together,” he said.

Wanyanya said they need at least a month to sit down and decide what would be the way forward.

“We need a month or so then after that we will be sure what will happen to the band and everyone else thereafter,” said Wanyanya.

However, there have been calls for Piki Kasamba, a former band member always referred to as Tuku’s twin, to take over. Wanyanya said those suggestions had not got to him as yet.

“As the manager I have not yet received any suggestions of who will lead the band but as I said we will look into everything after we are done mourning, everyone is still emotional at the moment so we all need some time to stomach Tuku’s death,” he added.

The Black Spirits were founded by the late legend in 1975 and have been led by the hero ever since.  Under Tuku there have been changes that have seen the arrival and departure of artistes who went on to cut their own teeth in music.

The notable being in 2011 and 2017 yet the Tuku sound continued. But with him gone it’s different in that the owner of the music has departed and those legally entrusted with his music rights will have a big say.

By his own admission Tuku, who had two children Selmor and Sandra involved in music, none of them had the capacity to carry the band forward.

“All of these children, they’re not taking my career, no. They’ve to be who they are. They can’t fit in my shoes and I can’t fit in their shoes,” Tuku told journalists in Rwanda in November 2017.

The Ay Band which was founded and led by Tuku’s late son Sam did not survive after the death of Sam.  It would not be much of a surprise if The Black Spirits fail to survive the tragedy.