Samba gals

To samba or not to samba dancers spark outrage

Nhlalwenhle Ncube nodolfen.
THE much publicised Harare International Carnival has come and gone, but the much touted Samba dance still lingers in the minds of those that saw it.

The Samba dancers, who did not hesitate to show skin during the carnival, have indeed proved to be bigger than the show as they have remained the talk of the town throughout the week-long event.

The Harare International Carnival is an annual festival that encompasses a series of events and festivities aimed at advancing the arts, culture and heritage of Zimbabwe as well as uniting the populace.

However, the Brazilian showstoppers-Samba dancers sparked a�?outragea�? and debates after audiences were left with mixed views about their presence at this yeara��s festivities, with many pointing a finger at their attires which left nothing toA� imagination.

The Samba dancers stole the show with their displays of nudity with seemingly shocked people taking the debate on social networks.

Some of the comments contributed by people during the debate concerning the alleged nudity of Samba outfit dancers are as follows:

Vimbai Zimuto,a�? The purpose of carnival is so that all the invited people show off their culture, music and art in a parade. The Brazilians did exactly that. The Zimbabweans did exactly that too. If ita��s shameful for you, then dona��t attend. Next year it might be American, Mexicans and even Indians who knows?

Learning why they do this might be interesting to our children just like learning why women didna��t need bras a long time ago. We are way too backwards with learning and accepting our differences with other people and other cultures. The more we learn and accept other cultures the more we know and accept who we are. Thata��s why we just grab anything that passes by because of lack of acceptance.a�?

Emmanuel Darangwa believes that Zimbabweans should admire but not adopt foreign cultures.

a�?It was a good Carnival festival, but as Africans that Brazillian group was too much. Their dressing ita��s a way of showing us their culture, but our women must not adopt such kind of dressing.a�?

Wilson Claki said when it comes to the Samba, it is not acceptable to have the Brazilians on show with nudity.

a�?Sex minded people are destroying our culture .What type of culture are we promoting in Zimbabwe. Carnival is a poison to this country,a�? he said.