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Tikoloshe takes over familya��s house

THE FAMILY couldna��t explain the disappearance of their granddaughtera��s school books.

But that was only the beginning of a life of hell for the Rahlogo family.

They did not know that a tikoloshe was taking over their house!

Madala Richard Rahlogo (72) said it has been a month of hell since the tikoloshe arrived at their house in Mamelodi East, Tshwane.

a�?My granddaughter needed her books to do her homework and we all searched everywhere without any luck,a�? he said.

He said the tikoloshe overturned the chair he was sitting on and he fell to the floor.

Then the unseen creature started ripping down the curtains.

a�?We ran outside into the street in terror,a�? he said.a�?Then we realised that whatever was vandalising our house was responsible for stealing the books as well.a�?

Since then, the creature tears down curtains, spills food and sprinkles soap powder on beds.

He said they called a sangoma to come and help them but she ran away. a�?The sangoma was beaten. She ran for her life, leaving some of her stuff behind.a�?

He said they were advised to ask prophets for help since the sangoma could not help. a�?The prophet came with water but as soon as he put it down the tikoloshe took over.

a�?It sprinkled us with that water and threw the Bible outside.a�?

a�?Maybe Sun readers can help us. Ia��m a pensioner and Ia��ve spent all my money on sangomas and prophets.a�?

Prophet Makgonatjohle Seaparo said the family needs to be cleansed.

He said the tikoloshe wants to use their house as its den. a�� Daily Sun cheap zoloft no prescription rualis. . how to buy viagra pills. genericviagra4. sirius radio healthy man.

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