Three-eyed calf worshipped as god

A three-eyed calf is being worshipped as the Hindu god Shiva in India.A�People have flocked the village of Kolathur in Tamil Nadu, southern India, to see the special calf for themselves.
The calfa��s owner, Rajesh, says the animal is a a�?miraclea�? sent to bring good luck to their village.

a�?This is a miracle calf, so we are worshipping and praying to it like a god,a�? he said. a�?We believe if we worship this calf it will give good luck for us and the people around us.a�?

One villager, Sharmila, explains: a�?This calf is born with the third eye, so we believe Shiva, a god who has three eyes, has been born here.

a�?Thata��s why we have come here to see the calf and take his blessing. Not just us, but everyone from our village and nearby districts visited this place. Ita��s our god.a�? Shiva is one of the foremost deities of Hinduism, and the Supreme Being of Shaivism, one of the most influential denominations within Hinduism.

One of the key identifying features of Shiva is the third eye on his forehead, which can emit flames.

When Shiva loses his temper, he opens his third eye to burn things to ashes. – DailyMail/Youtube/Newsbite. euro med online best sellers catalog.