Cosmas Nyathi

a�?Threat to killa�� haunts injiva

Nhlalwenhle Ncube
DEATH and life lie in the power of the tongue!

The above verse aptly applies to an injiva who has since been forced to relocate back to Zimbabwe after being haunted by his poisonous words which came to pass.

Cosmas Nyathi

Cosmas Nyathi

Cosmas Nyathia��s friend Henry Ndebele died a few days after he foretold that Ndebele would die soon.

Nyathi of Njube suburb no longer has peace in his life as he fears that his late frienda��s family are out for revenge because they concluded that he was the one who killed him.

Ndebele was stabbed to death in South Africa and no one was arrested.

However, it turns out that days before his death, Nyathi had allegedly told Ndebele in public that he was going to die within a week because he had become big headed.

Ndebele was found dead days later with one stab wound on the back.

Ndebelea��s mother, Jane Sibanda,said: a�?No one has ever pinpointed that Cosmas killed my son but his behaviour has always been suspicious.

They were friends and stayed together in South Africa. I understand that he had threatened to kill him then a few days later my son was found dead.

a�?Since they were always together and he was the last person to be seen with him, police wanted him to help with investigations but he ran away and came back to Zimbabwe.

a�?He did not even attend his frienda��s funeral or pass a condolence message.a�?

Sibanda revealed that a lot of drama had happened between Nyathi and her other sons resulting in them being suspicious that he knew something concerning her sona��s death.

a�?It seems he knows something and always fights my other sons when he meets them claiming that they go around telling people that he killed Henry.

a�?Even at my sona��s burial there are people who took pictures and later came to apologise to the family claiming they had been sent by Cosmas. Ita��s now a year after my sona��s death, but Cosmas is still dramatic and we do not understand why he is acting in that manner,a�? said Sibanda.

On the other hand, Nyathi said he no longer had peace in his life following threats he got from his late frienda��s family.

a�?Henry was my friend, but his family members go around telling people that I am the one who killed him and they are out for revenge.

a�?They are threatening to kill me, I now fear moving around and always make sure that by 6pm I am indoors.

a�?On the night Henry was killed, I was home sleeping and he was in the company of his brothers, but now they are accusing me,a�? said Nyathi. cialis paiement paypal. exocin.