Tsikamutandas burning the snake

Things fall apart after tsikamutandas burn snake

Siphilisiwe Mloyi
IT’s a hard knock life for Nombulelo Hadebe from Emantanjeni village in Mbembesi who had her snake killed last year.

Nombulelo Hadebe whose story was published by B-Metro sometime in October, mourning the death of her snake is between a rock and a hard place as her entire world is crumbling.

Last year the grief-stricken woman who kept a snake for years could not hide her heartache as she told B-Metro that she was afraid that her ancestors might kill her for failing to prevent the death of her snake.

She further claimed that the snake was a gift she got from her ancestors after her initiation as a traditional healer (ukuthwasa).

Since the Gokwe tsikamutandas who had been invited by the chief to cleanse the land, burnt Hadebe’s snake, she has been in a state of breakdown.

She cannot hide the deep pain she is in and lives in fear that her ancestors may strike.

When B-Metro visited her homestead Hadebe was emotional as she reminisced about last year’s incident. At first she did not want to talk as grief overwhelmed her.

As she opened up, she revealed how things were no longer working for her adding that her marriage was on the brink of collapse.

“After that incident things seem to be getting worse day in day out. As it is we are not on talking terms with my husband. My marriage is crumbling. Our love life has changed, we are always fighting,” she said.

She also revealed that her children in the diaspora had abandoned her.

“My children and son-in-laws who are in South Africa and the UK no longer talk to me. They have stopped sending me groceries. Hunger is the order of the day. Even my health has deteriorated as I have developed high blood pressure. My life has changed,” she said.

The village head Thobela Mpengesi said Hadebe once highlighted that ever since her snake was killed she had had serious problems.

“I am aware that she has problems since the incident but she did not tell me in detail,” Mpengesi said.