Thief 2

Thieving preacher nabbed

Meluleki Ncube in Norton
Residents of Norton’s Katanga suburb woke up to a disturbing spectacle recently after a well-known preacher was unmasked as a habitual thief.

Leo Lali (ABOVE), a preacher with one of the Pentecostal churches in the suburb, was apprehended by members of the public in the early hours of Wednesday after raiding a house in the Ward 9 section of the suburb.

He was reportedly in possession of a stolen DVD player. Probably fearing for his life at the hands of the angry crowd, Lali is said to have offered to reveal more stolen goods in his possession.

He then led police officers and the huge crowd to his home, an iron-sheet room covered with a green tent in a different section of Katanga suburb.

Stolen goods worth thousands of dollars, including electrical gadgets, kitchen utensils, blankets and even live road-runner chickens were recovered from the small room.

Most of the loot was positively identified by owners who were part of the gathered crowd.

A T35 truck used by the police to take the goods to the police station proved too small for the task.

The police had to make a second trip later that day with a smaller truck to ferry more goods, some of which had to be dug out of concealed pits at Lali’s home.

It is reported Lali also led police to recover more loot stashed underground just outside the nearby Ngoni Stadium. Lali is expected to appear in court on theft charges.