Thief dozes off after sex at crime scene

Danisa Masuku
A man who stole booze and had sex at the scene of the crime will spend three months behind bars.

John Phiri(40) who resides at Queens Mine compound  in Inyathi  and employed at  Joylink bar as a bar attendant allegedly used duplicate keys to gain entry into the bar with an unidentified woman.

While inside he stole Three Keys whiskey and drank with his female companion before they decided to cap a good binge with sex.

After sex they fell asleep only to be found lights out by one Sethulelo Moyo  who had come to open the bar at around 6am.

After seeing the two stark naked and in deep sleep she took pictures of them.

Moyo went to report the matter at Inyathi police station and the police arrived before the two had risen.

Phiri appeared before magistrate on circuit Stephen Ndlovu facing two counts of unlawful entry and theft.

The court heard that Phiri stole Two Keys whiskey, three bricks of Madison cigarettes, two bricks of Everest and $1 200. Phiri pleaded guilty to both charges and returned $650.

“I admit my crime and I don’t know what got into my head and I regret what I did,” he said.

He was sentenced to three months effective imprisonment.