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‘Thief’ assaulted over $15 phone

Raymond Jaravaza
A WOULD-be cheeky thief is in the running for the award for Bulawayo’s dumbest criminal after he tried to snatch a phone from a woman in broad daylight in front of onlookers, resulting in him getting a thorough beating from members of the public.

A group of men, most  of them taxi drivers and touts operating at the corner of George Silundika and 6th Avenue, meted out instant justice on the hapless thief after a woman raised alarm that a man was trying to snatch her phone, a Nokia valued at $15.

Realising that he had been caught, the daring thief tried to flee but could not outrun a mob that was baying for his blood.

For his sin, the man received a thorough beating before he was rescued from the merciless crowd by a police officer.

He is lucky to be nursing his wounds from home instead of a police cell after the owner of the phone decided against laying charges insisting the beating was enough punishment for the thief.