There should be no limits!

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IT has often been said that relationships are all about compromise, but what about during the adult game? The boggling question is whether there are any boundaries when the love of your life demands a a�?a�?sexual fantasya��a�� that is weird. Have you ever found yourself uttering, a�?Do what?a�? when in bed.
By asking, ita��s not like you will not have heard what he wants, but you will be reacting out of shock and not believing your ears.

Just imagine when you are in bed and your man asks to bend over your knee and expect you to suck his bare bottom and organ. What will be your reaction, are you going to close your face with your hands and call him names?

I know many relationships have been broken down because of different expectations during sex. Experts say ita��s easy to compromise in other things in a relationship more than in bed. Some demands in bed just make the woman think she is being treated like a prostitute.

Experts say people should be open-minded and adventurous in bed and sisters, do not judge a person with what he likes to do behind closed doors.

I just thought of this topic after a certain woman told me that she parted ways with her man because he demanded certain positions in bed. Unfortunately, things never went well for her after moving to the next relationship as she discovered that her man was better. When she tried to call for BCB (Baby Come Back) the man had moved on and now she wants advice on how she can win her man back.

I know she is not the only one in such a situation and therefore I think sisters compromising also should be considered in bedrooms. The good part when it comes into the bedroom is that you also experiencing new things and might even enjoy more than him. You have to try new things!

A relationship no matter how old it is, it should be full of fun and you should all be sexually satisfied.
Sisters, when you are in the bedroom forget about those stories which you usually share with your friends of how they go about it with their man, intimacy is something else, be yourself and be wild as you can so that you enjoy the game.

There should be no limits in the bedroom and there is no such thing as such positions or actions are meant for prostitutes. There is a certain womana��s advice which I liked though it was directed to a bride-to-be. The woman said, a�?Be your husbanda��s own prostitute. Do not give him excuses to start hiring services of other women because of starving or limiting him at home. Be the only woman whom he wants to sleep with.a�?

Sexuality is a process where you learn as you go, so why limit yourself? It is said that if you want to connect with someone in bed, you have to be naked in all ways then thata��s true intimacy!

From my research I discovered six things which men expect from women in the bedroom, but one way or another they might be asked, a�?Do what?a�?

Most men want to indulge in a blow job. It is not just exciting, but the only thing in oral sex that makes a man crazy. Shockingly most men die for a blow job more than sex.

One of the wildest fantasies is strip tease. Inspired from movies or not, a man would love to see his woman strip in front of him.

All men demand equal or more involvement of their partners. One-sided effort is too tiring! Equally involve in sex with him to meet this demand.

Anal sex might be dirty, but men love to have it. It scares off most women as they feel shy about it, experts say.
Men often demand their women to dominate the sex position by going on the top, but that cannot go well with others and they find themselves uttering, a�?Do what?a�?

Hi, the issue of pastors is a serious issue and that is the reason men end up turning to girlfriends and small houses for love and care.

Hi there, reading your story about hubbya��s position, lol. In my home ita��s actually the other way round, my husband loves his pastor so much more than his family kkkk. Anyway nice article, viva womena��s forum.

Eish, pastors are so special to our wives, why? That is not good. In the Bible 1 Peter 3:1 says, a�?Wives, in the same way submit yourselves to your own husbands so that if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over without but by the behaviour of their wives.a�? This means that women should love and obey their men.

Thanks for your article on husbands and pastors, I hope most wives read it. Women seem to giggle for pastors throughout sermons and they keep doing it so I feel sorry for husbands. a�� 0716565665.

Wife is always busy on WhatsApp when she cooks and even in bedroom she will be chatting with churchmates and not even giving attention to kids. She always prefers to be quiet with family, but once with friends she will be laughing throughout. No sex when I come home, I find her asleep and have to force her to play the game. a�� Worried man.

Those are inspiring articles. Keep up the good work. a�� 0776331599.
MaNcube you are a star, I go for your column! The world lived in you before you delivered. Keep up the good work. a�� 0772986897.

Your article on women and pastors was spot on. The problem is actually with pastors themselves as they encourage women to act in such shameless manner. a�� Forward Munangi, Chiredzi.

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