The tout who needs no blessings

Kudakwashe Takundwa
Recently while in a commuter omnibus on my way to town I experienced a heart wrenching incident as the crew played dirty with our lives. The trouble all started as we approached the fly over bridge along Luveve road. The crew noticed a police road block ahead and all hell broke loose as they crossed the red robot on the way to Khami road as the road was believed to be police free at that moment.

Passengers started complaining, some wanted to be dropped immediately, some wanted their money, some wanted change, well I recorded the conversations that started after the change of roads by the commuter omnibus crew.A� It was a chaotic situation as the crew played deaf on the requests by passengers, the drama became more dangerous as we played chase with the famous police car. Above all upon seeing that the passengers were now becoming too demanding the stubborn driver started playing music and that made everyone red with envy.

Woman in navy blue floral: Hey young men where are you taking us, can you drop me here I need to get to work early and you are now taking me for a cruise. Give me my money back.

Commuter Omnibus Conductor: Masalu we are all in need of money and the situation is bad the cops will take all we have can you bear with us we are going to drop everyone at the desired points we promise.

Student in school uniform:What about me you see my school is just after the bridge and already you have taken me far are you sure you are going to bring me back.

Commuter omnibus driver: Definitely you wona��t be late for your Maths lesson, you will be on time.

Man with spectacles: You boys are the biggest liars in the world, you always promise us all and that but you fail to deliver. You care about us when we are not yet passengers in your taxis but once we are inside and after paying you treat us like something else. If you fail to take the student to school I tell you I will beat the living day lights out of you, young girl if they dona��t get you to school tell me I work for the Government.

Conductor: We dona��t care sir if you work for the Government or for whoever, we do what we want and you have never seen us at your work place giving you commands on what to do. So just keep quiet and just let us do our job.

Young lady in white T-shirt: Hey have respect isna��t that man old enough to be your father. Show some respect you will never get blessings by being so stubborn my brother. You will remain poor, I tell you.

Conductor: I dona��t care about blessings as long as I am alive and kicking. My sister I wasna��t talking to you just make sure you reserve your comments and keep them to yourself.

Man with Spectacles: I believe the Youngman is possessed by some evil spirits how can he be so rude. Do you even go to church, Youngman, you really need some prayers; you will never make it big with your kind of attitude.

Man in blue overall: At times evil spirits would have done nothing wrong we just blame Satan for no reason, you see some of them will be drunk as early as five in the morning they take so many intoxicating substances and they play dirty with they minds and they fail to read the lines.

Everyone laughs
Driver: Oh! Trouble ahead my cousin. We now have to make another about turn.
Man with Spectacles: What? You boys stop playing dirty with us it is better you give us our money and we make other plans we are already running late what are your problems with the cops?

The commuter omnibus driver makes a sudden U-turn in the middle of the road the police BMW is already on the chase people are screaming and shouting. Some want change while some want their hard earned cash. They is commotion.

Woman in navy blue floral: Why are you always on the run tell us what is wrong with your commuter omnibuses tell us we need to know. We are now always late at work because of your daily chase. Are we acting a movie or something? We need to know.

Man in blue overalls: Some of these guys have no driving documents, some kombi owners do not register their taxis with the right authorities all they need is money at the end of the day and end up playing dirty with our lives.A� They dona��t have customer care.

Student in school uniform: Just look now we are in some industrial sites will we ever get where we are going. Please guys can you respect and value our time.

Driver: Young lady you will understand all this once you are done with school and your family will be looking at you as a sole bread winner that all is not easy out here you need to play hard in order to make it.

Man in blue overall: Driver, not with our dear lives. We can never get a second chance to live. You can always get another taxi to drive.

Driver: No ways it isna��t easy I have to keep what I have. You are going to get where you are going.

Student in school uniform: Keep our lives too.
The chase dies down as the driver drives into a company in the industrial site. Everyone is shocked of the happenings everyone is late.

Man in blue overall: And before I forget Mr Door man I need my change. Conductor: How much did you pay?

Man in Blue overall: A dollar.
In another sudden turn of events the conductor hands the man five rand all this leads to another heated argument.

Young lady in White T-shirt: They are thieves now they are stealing our rands every day, their cross rate is not fair. I wonder how they use the money because they just remain the same. I just wish if the old buses that used to ferry our uncles back in the day to make a return always on time.

The debate ends as the kombi stops at Hyper to drop passengers.

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